I use photography to create something that for some, it will be a treasured moment and for others perhaps a simple inspiring moment.  

I am mostly a self taught photographer, but I have and continue to study photography on a regular basis .  I have taken workshops with well known and reputable photographers as well as specific photography courses at Fashion Institute of Technology and College of Staten Island in New York.

I love photographing just about everything and anything but portraits are my absolute passion! I love faces, I love getting up close and capturing the essence of a person.  Whether it is the freshness of a newborn, an elders aging beauty, or the perfect imperfections ... I believe that there is beauty in everyone! just focus in, look closely and you are sure to see it. 

If you have any questions about me or my services, please feel free to contact me by simply clicking on the 'contact me' link above or by sending a direct email to:

Thank you!

"Lose someone you love and you will forever know the value of photography".

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